Weekly Prayer & Reading Plan

Praying Together Daily

Sunday                Worship

Pray our church would grow in our worship of God – that He would be our greatest desire.

Monday              Fellowship

Pray our church would grow in our love for one another and our desire to do life together.

Tuesday              Discipleship

Pray our church would grow in spiritual maturity – committing to Bible reading, prayer and other pertinent spiritual disciplines.

Wednesday        Ministry

Pray our church would grow in its desire to serve the needs of other believers and in its abilities to do so.

Thursday             Evangelism

Pray our church fulfills its call to share Christ with lost people in our community, region, nation and world.

Friday                   Leadership

Pray for the pastor, deacons, ministry leaders and staff.

Saturday             Unity

Pray for the unity of our church – that despite our differences, we would commit to honoring one another in love.

Bible Reading Plan: Week of August 13

Aug 13 Luke 15

Aug 14 Luke 16

Aug 15 Luke 18

Aug 16 Luke 19

Aug 17 Luke 20

Aug 18 Luke 24

Aug 19 John 1

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